Manaaki Whenua Scholarship
The scholarship is for those who are seeking to
study, learn about and/or train in aspects of forest
ecology which includes a wide range of fields such
as forest biodiversity, conservation, traditional
ecological knowledge and indigenous forestry. The
scholarship is not necessarily for study for a
qualification at a tertiary institution, as it can also
be awarded for on-the-job training or short
courses. Each year up to $3000 will be awarded
for the scholarship, and more than one person may
be awarded the scholarship in any one year.
In December 2012, Nicole Bancroft was awarded
the inaugural Manaaki Whenua Scholarship. Nicole
Bancroft (Ngati Tawhaki and Te Urewera) is the
daughter of Bruce Bancroft and Hohi Te Kurapa,
and mokopuna of Kararaina Rangiahua and
Hikawera Te Kurapa. In 2013, Nicole completed a
Diploma in Environmental Management at the Bay
of Plenty Polytech, with the support of the
Manaaki Whenua Scholarship.

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scholarship click here.
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The Manaaki Whenua Scholarship for 2012 was presented to Nicole Bancroft (centre) by
Richard Gordon Chief Executive, Landcare Research (on the right) and Tahae Doherty,
Chair of Tūhoe Tuawhenua Trust (on the left) at a celebration of the award held at Papueru
Marae, Ruatāhuna.