Tuawhenua Trust scholarship

The Tuhoe Tuawhenua Trust offers a scholarship
to young people of the Tuawhenua pursuing
tertiary study, training and development in areas of
interest to the Trust. The scholarship is part of the
strategy of the Tuhoe Tuawhenua Trust to see our
young people gain skills and knowledge in areas
that are critical to the future of the Tuawhenua.
Thus preference will be given to candidates whose
development can be clearly demonstrated to be
integrated with the development strategies and
programmes of the Trust for the Tuawhenua. The
scholarship will be awarded as opportunities
emerge in our development programmes, or as
candidates apply or are identified for training and

Previous recipients of this scholarship are:
•   Nick Mitai, Ruatahuna for apiculture in 2012
•   Te Uamairangi Rangihau & Bonney Taiatini for    
    apiculture in 2013

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scholarship click here.
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Previous recipient Nick Mitai, Ruatahuna for apiculture in 2012